Connettore per Magento

Koongo Connector for Magento is a data management module compatible with all Magento 1.x versions. The module offers Magento store integration to any of 500+ online marketplaces, price comparison websites, and product ads channels all over the world. The Connector can create an automatic connection to any Koongo supported channel. A free 30-day trial is available. No credit card is required.

Benefits for Magento

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Gestione dei dati del prodotto

Connector for Magento can connect your Magento store to any of 500+ supported online marketplaces, price comparison websites, and product ads channels. Koongo module uses your Magento catalog as a source of data and trasferisce automaticamente i dati dei vostri prodotti su tutti i canali collegati

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Order Management Not Available

Order management is not available for Connector for Magento. You can activate order management for a specific marketplace under the Koongo Service software. Use Koongo Service just for a specific storeview. And Connector for Magento for the rest of your products

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Ottimizzazione dei feed del prodotto

Connector for Magento offers a soluzione completa per la creazione e l'ottimizzazione dell'alimentazione dei dati di prodotto. You can use simple attribute mapping and advanced product data optimization. You can create unique filter conditions and export just a specific group of products

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Personalizzazione dei feed

Koongo module allows you to design your own custom product feed in XML, CSV or TXT formats. A custom product feed layout can be submitted to a selected channel via an automatic feed URL link upload or FTP submission

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In-House Solution

Koongo Connector is integrated into your store. Product data feeds are processed directly in your Magento backend

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30 giorni di prova gratuita

Test Connector for Magento for free. Koongo offers a free 30 days trial. No limitations applied. No credit card required

Connettore per Magento
Numero di visite al negozio illimitato
Unlimited channels
Numero di prodotti illimitati
1 raccolta di feed
No monthly fee
7 Days Money-back Guarantee
30 giorni di prova gratuita

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