Magento 2 – Koongo Service

Koongo service connects your Magento 2 store to any of 500+ online marketplaces, marketing affiliate channels, and comparison websites worldwide. This solution enables you to import your product data into your Koongo account where you can optimize or modify your product data. Koongo allows you to set up an automatic connection to marketplaces or price comparison websites of your choice

Benefits for Magento 2

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Gestione dei dati del prodotto

Koongo service connects your Magento 2 store to any of 500+ online marketplaces, product ads channels, and affiliate marketing websites. You can use pre-defined product feed layouts or create a custom product data feed in XML, CSV or TXT. Multiple feed optimization options ensure you fulfill any channel product data requirements

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Gestione automatica degli ordini

The order management feature transfers all marketplace orders to your store. Magento 2 stock inventory is updated automatically. Orders might be fulfilled directly at Magento 2 store since tracking numbers are synced back to the related marketplace. Full API integration with order management is available for Miinto, eBay, Amazon, idealo, o marketplace

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Integrazione API

Koongo implemented API integration for marketplaces like Cdiscount, eBay, Amazon,, or API connection ensures that product data updates are transferred instantly from your Magento store to all connected marketplaces

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Ottimizzazione dei feed del prodotto

Koongo service offers an intuitive interface for easy product data feed creation and optimization. You can choose from basic attribute mapping to advanced product data modification. You can use simple product filters or specific filtering options. Koongo gives you a complete solution for any product data feed modification

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Integrazione con Google Analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics account easily with Koongo. Track your product performance for a specific product or channel. You can use this data to migliorare il ROI e le campagna di marketing

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30 giorni di prova gratuita

Try Koongo for 30 days for free. No credit card required. Koongo offers one of the most affordable solutions on the market. A dynamic subscription ensures that you always pay only for the service you use

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